My Beach Holiday Beauty Staples | Aka 'Do we have space for all THAT?'

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

A peek at my little beauty corner in our bathroom in Bellevue.
I have a confession to make. I don't know how to pack light for a holiday or a mere weekend staycation. I just cannot; not even to gain an appreciative "good job for bringing only THAT!" from the husband, the ever-efficient packer. (THAT = what, just 3 pieces of toiletries? Hah! I cannot.) Granted, I am reasonable enough NOT to stick to my usual 11-step nighttime skincare routine whenever on a holiday. But still, a girl has to have her non-negotiable beauty stuff even when away from home.

For our recent holiday in Bohol, I lugged around a kilo or two of non-negotiables, namely:

What beach holiday is complete without sunblock? I brought FOUR types of sunblock for this trip (and another one for my kid). I usually have a dedicated sunblock for the face, another for the body.

In case you wonder why I have four - I brought one of my usual daily sunblock for the face, which I usually wear under my makeup, plus another waterproof version. I also brought two sunblock for the body, one was spray type, and the other was lotion type.

I'm quite picky with my body wash, so yes, I always have one with me, in case I don't like what the hotel or resort provides.

I can get away with NOT bringing shampoo, after all, my husband always has one in our kit and I can very well use that in case the hotel or resort's shampoo is a big fail. But conditioners, on the other hand, are a different matter. I just have to have a fool-proof one with me.

I do not wear makeup on the beach, that I guarantee you. But I flew in wearing makeup, so a cleansing balm gotta go with that. And oh, sunblock. The only way to really scrub off waterproof sunblock from your face is through double cleansing, and that's another reason to bring a cleansing balm to a beach holiday.

Oh yes, yes, yes. Definitely! I even brought two types of facial wash - one gentle and another micro-exfoliating. Five days is too long to stick to just a gentle facial wash. Hee hee.

I can probably live a day without a toner, but five days? Nah.

Yes, they usually go everywhere with me. :D

My (very oily) skin acts up and gets all the more oily - make it grimy and grubby - once I skip my moisturizer. So this is another staple in my weekend bag. Heck, it's even a staple in my daily handbag.

I'm quite late in the eye cream game, and it is very apparent every time I brush off my eye cream, even just for a little while, so this goes into my bag as well. And besides, it's just a teeny weeny beauty product, so why not.

Beach and pools and the sun, as much as I love them, leave my skin parched. I have learned my lesson, so now I am always armed with a hydrating lotion or dry oil.

My scalp can get too oily, my hair too limp upon waking up. Good thing I have discovered the magic of dry shampoo a while back. Lingering in brunch buffets are a lot more comfortable now, without my hair sticking together and looking like they are screaming for a wash.

The sun, sand, salt, and chlorine usually wreak havoc on my lips. I apply a moisturizing and restoring lip balm as often as I can.

Of course! Non-negotiable forever, even for just a sleepover.

Because a spritz or two while on a beach holiday is NOT an overkill IF (and only if) your eau de cologne or parfum is light, fresh, and not cloying. Think of a light, breezy daytime scent, and it will probably compliment your holiday vibe. Just remember not to overdo it; just a spritz or two, honey. :)


Neither in photo nor on the list are my usual makeup kit and my brush cleanser, but it's a given that I always lug them around with me. "Makeup staples while on a holiday" do warrant it's own post, doesn't it? :)

So there you go. My travel slash staycation beauty kit's staples change depending on where I'm going and the length of my stay, and never on our baggage's maximum weight limit nor space deficiencies. Haha!

What are your holiday beauty staples? :)

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  1. wow ! what a collection !!! I ll be happy having it all.