Summing up our 5-day Beach Holiday in Bohol

Friday, May 27, 2016

Here's a snapshot of our awesome resort, from their website over here

Hello there! Let's take a quick break from makeup and skincare posts and talk about something just as delightful - travels, beaches, and vacations!

My little family and I recently came from a long-ish vacation in a quaint little island down south called Panglao in Bohol. That island boasts of sunny white-sand beaches and other wonderful creations of Mother Nature; plus of course, the usual warm Filipino hospitality that's especially warmer in the countryside.

It was actually a sporty event for the husband, who's birthday was in the middle of our holiday, so you can say it's also a birthday getaway. (I love birthday getaways!) The husband's main affair in the island was Giro d' Luca, a cycling event now on its third year, where participants bike a total of 500 kilometers across different towns in Bohol for three days. I would have thought that sounded crazy, but as I once was (and still am, albeit being dormant) a part of the triathlon community, I'd say it sounds like an attractive painfest. :)

Meanwhile, my and my little guy as well as my sister's main agendum was, of course, the beach, beach, beach! My little guy is turning out to be such a water and beach baby and we thoroughly enjoyed the island! If he could have his way and stay out playing in the sun and the sand all day, he probably would.

We stayed at the Bellevue Resort and it was a pleasant and relaxing home away from home. It is quiet, away from the more lively and touristy part of Panglao which is Alona Beach, and for all our intents and purposes for the trip, that was just perfect.

Do take note that there are A LOT of activities to do and touristy spots to visit in Bohol, but we stayed most of the time in our hotel and just lounged, swam, and ate to our heart's content. Eat, swim, sleep, eat, swim, repeat! Sounds like a perfect R&R, right? :)

It is not my first time in Bohol, and probably won't be the last. Let me share some of my snapshots from our marvelous beachy holiday. Have a great weekend ahead, dearies! :)

That little guy in his jammies was negotiating to swim first instead of having breakfast. So hilarious!


Some serious beach-loving going on here.

Reflections on a low tide.

And another

Til the next marvelous sunset, Bohol! :)

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