Liquid Lipstick La La Lovin'

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Just some of the few ones I carry with me on a daily basis.
Over half a year ago, I crossed over to the other side - I became a liquid lipstick convert.

Granted, I still hold on to my favorite bullets (very, very few ones left from NARS Audacious, MAC, and Tom Ford), but I have given up (aka, destashed, given away) a huge deal of lipstick tubes that I no longer find much joy in. Yay me, I'm not a hoarder after all! Gotta slow down though, before I know it, I'm already hoarding liquid lipsticks that will expire before I get to consume them all. I'm happy to report though that for the most part of this year so far, I've been painting my lips (with liquid lipsticks, oftentimes) more than I ever did my WHOLE life.

Why cross over to the liquid lipstick side? I can think of a few very good reasons:

1. They last all day
To be honest, the main reason I've gotten cold with my lipstick bullets is my frustration with them not lasting long enough. I can hardly be bothered with reapplying lipsticks, hence I stopped using them altogether at some point. But my fascination with liquid lipsticks revived my dying amor for lip products. Beacuse, hey, some formulations DO last all day! With liquid lipsticks, I usually never have to reapply more than twice in a day. That's hard to beat, right?

2. They can survive anything
At all. Once they are on, they are really on. No worries about your lipstick budging, or worse, melting. Some stay put even after a cup of coffee and a sandwich or a regular rice meal (you might have to retouch though if you and your date are having paella negra for dinner, tee hee). I even once sat through an hour-long dental procedure wearing a bright red lipstick, and it did not move at all.

3. They are transfer-proof
Don't you just hate it when your lip lacquer transfers on pretty much everything? Lipstick marks on my cuppa coffee, on my dress' neckline when I go shopping over lunch break, heck they even leave crimson stains on my chopsticks! That, my dear friends, is very much evitable with a good wand of a liquid lipstick. Imagine, enjoying tea time with the titas ladies and proudly beaming with your cup that bears no hint at all that your Marilyn Reds were sipping on it.

4. They are richly pigmented, opaque, and many are a good matte
I don't have much patience for lipsticks that apply patchy and are lackluster in terms of pigmentation and opacity. There are some good lipstick bullets out there that do pack on rich, opaque colors in a couple of swipe. But the opacity and pigmentation of liquid lipstick, oh my golly, I'm telling you it's way up there. You know how with lipstick tubes, the first swipe is usually a shade or two lighter than when you apply some more, and then some more? That is not the case with liquid lipsticks, and it truly is impressive.

Plus, more and more brands are churning out their own versions of liquid lipsticks, and they are quite getting competitive at it! So, yay for the great big world of liquid lipsticks that is vastly expanding, with goods that are getting better each season.

Sure, not all liquid lipsticks are created equal and some formulations lie on the more crappy side of the spectrum, and there are indeed issues that go with some liquid lipsticks. But there are really, reallyyyy good ones which I will share with you with my upcoming posts.

Until then! :)

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