The Three - Oh Big Birthday Cheers!

Monday, August 10, 2015

I am currently drowning in a sea of all things colorful and giddy and warm and fuzzy. That's what happens when one turns a major chapter in their life as fab as she thought she'll ever be, with a bagful of love, gratitude, hope, and promise. :)

I turn 30 today, and really, I have never been this excited and welcoming as I enter a new "chapter" aka decade. Cue: fireworks please!

Shout out to the Big Guy Up There -- thank You Lord for all your favors and blessings, for the awesome people I am surrounded and building a life with! As I said last year, life is not perfect (what is?), but it's kinda charmed, it's fab, it's full of promise and brimming with love! So many items ticked off my lists through the years, yet still so much on my plate and still on to bigger things with a ra ra ra on my sleeve! My heart is full and I'm feeling fab! LOL sorry for the lame attempt at alliteration. I am barely coherent, in a happy-drunken level. *giggle giggle*

A hearty, more coherent birthday post coming up soon. As soon as I get back to earth from Galaxy Cloud9, that is. :P

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