#Thirdytales: Office Adventures as Told by the Little One

Monday, November 09, 2015

I never thought a two-year old could have so much opinion, so much insight about so many things, so much imagination. And I'm loving every minute of it!

Last week, our little Thirdy started an animated conversation with us on how he would go to the office -- pretend play, of course. He came up with complete details such as the where tos, the how tos, small nitty gritty like his pretend laptop for his pretend work in his pretend office. He was so into his own story telling, with emphatic body movements and dramatic facial expressions of a little boy convincing his parents that he's the adult one in the room and they better listen to him. Just how cute is that! :)

This little guy got a lot of ROFL-worthy tricks, antics, and stories up on his sleeves, yo!
This was how he went on:
"Ba-bye Mama! Pupunta na si Thirdy sa office, magwo-work na.
Jan lang ang office ni Thirdy, sa pinakamalapit lang. Magca-car na si Thirdy.
Dadalhin ni Thirdy yung laptop niya, eto na, ba-bye Mama.
Ayy! Nawawala yung bag ni Thirdy, wait lang Mama."
"Ba bye Mama, pupunta na ng office si Thirdy. May work nga si Thirdy diba?
Bumili na lang ng bagong bag si Thirdy.
Pati laptop ni Thirdy bago rin.
Wait lang mag-u-Uber na lang si Thirdy.
Ba bye Mama, anjan na yung Uber. Tatakbo na si Thirdy ha?"

He was over-enthusiastic and was almost on a semi-monologue mode, though I questioningly repeated some of his sentences to probe him for details. Amazing how he can come up with clear details of his pretend story in a snap -- complete with feelings and haba nguso pa! LOL.

Conversations with this two-year old are my happy pill! :)

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