Why the Happy Momster?

Monday, May 05, 2014

It's a pet name, a term of endearment coined by the hubster. Err, the hubby.

The hubster hubby does not call me Momster when he's in a sour mood; he does so only when he's being sweet or mirthful or mischievous. Safe to say it's a happy monicker, eh?

If we are of the same age group, you can probably relate to people adding a suffix (like ter) to names and nouns, living and inanimate, in an attempt to be cute or sweet or fun, or whatever. Labs becomes labster. Ganda becomes gandara. Go becomes gora. Work becomes workaloo, or even workity.

So there you go, I do not sport an eternal frown or a permanent scoff, neither do I have a third eye and a tail. I am not the least bit monstrous. My husband and little darling can attest to that. :)

No monster talks in here, as well. This little space on the net will be a venue for my musings, little adventures and mis-adventures, wisdom and lessons, of wanders and wonders, of mommying tales and what not. No space for negativity here, as I do not see the point in such and I am a firm believer in soldiering on, or at least trying to soldier on with a joyful and grateful heart, no matter what.

I end this post with the biggest ball of positivity in our life right now, the reason why I am the Happy Momster. Everyone, meet Thirdy. Honestly, he's the happiest baby I have ever encountered! More of this irresistibly charming little guy on my upcoming posts. :)

Happiest baby. Our ray of sunshine.

"Most beautiful smile, care of the Momma" says the husband. :)

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