Not a Good Way to Welcome December (But Hello there, Nonetheless!:)

Monday, December 07, 2015

December, finally, you are here!

I feel likeour December is finally starting -- just now, yes.

We bid goodbye to November and didn't even realize December quietly creeped in, as we were harboring some terrible illness at home. First, it was me, down with the flu. Then my little guy was next. But his was more than just the regular flu. :( The first five days were a haze of sleepless nights, hospital trips (we were always on the verge of having him admitted, but no he was not confined), cuddling and 'karga' and wanting to give whatever he asked (except that he didn't ask much), of kangaroo care, of feeding frenzy.

Let me just share again the powers of kangaroo care, skin to skin and breastfeeding. For four days, this little guy did not eat anything. We were very apprehensive, but our pedia was certain that we'll make it fine with just water and breastmilk for several days. And we did. 

Yay to breastfeeding!
I'm so glad the hardest days were over. The hardest part of parenting, so far, has been seeing our child sick (never mind that he rarely ever gets sick) and wanting to take it all away, helplessly so. Heartbreaking. But yes, it comes with the parenting territory.

Goodbye pneumonia, don't you ever come back to our home again. (It was viral and thank God, the mild kind. But still - don't. ever. come. back.)

And finally, hello December! I am fully embracing now my favorite month of the year. So many gooood happenings this December. Will keep you posted. ;)

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