The Happy Momster, Version 2.0

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Welcome to the newly revamped and refreshed Happy Momster!

A lot has happened in a span of three and a half months. Not to worry, those were mostly good. I will not bore you with the details, but let me mention a few things that are relevant, at least to this little virtual space and the start of its evolution

I went to a professional makeup school. Yes, as in a professional one, aimed at honing budding makeup artists. The hours were long and grueling (and fun nonetheless!) and we would pack up at close to midnight on Saturdays. I did finish the course, but nope, I am not a professional makeup artist. Hah, I have a day job to keep! I guess I’m just a true hardcore that “personal” (non-professional track) classes and workshops, which I found too limited, just won’t cut it anymore for me. Ha ha!

That course further fanned the flames of my burning zeal for makeup, skincare, and all things beauty. Beyond extensive research on products and amassing a vast collection of beauty stuff (like a complete set of pro makeup stuff and some hardcore skincare) in a short span of time, I’ve come to a point where friends would ask me for advice and recommendations on certain products. I find myself geeking and enthusing on skincare and makeup that I post mini reviews in our threads/group now and then.

I’ve been wondering about incorporating this in what I see as mostly a mommy blog. And I got petrified and inadvertently froze this blog in the process. But what the heck, why don’t I just do it, right?

Yay to evolutions. :)

So, with the husband’s eternal support and with the nudge of some friends who are also beauty junkies, here I am, revamping this space. I will still write about my mommyhood tales – and how I balance my other forays and pursuits, such as fitness and sports, to name one – because that’s the organic root of what the Happy Momster is all about.

So without further ado, here’s a hearty cheers to the Happy Momster version two-point-oh! *clink*

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