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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You know how you ignore one thing that has kept on bothering you, and the longer you don't act on it, the harder you find it to go back on track?

Le sigh.

That's my blogging story the past few weeks. And the longer I ignore the elephant in the room, the bigger and bigger it gets, until I cannot dodge it any longer, lest the elephant throws me out of my own room.

What gives? I will not bore you with how neck deep I've been in work. But one of these days, I will fill you in on the immensely astonishing milestones of my little guy. I am in awe and my heart bursts with pride every single day as my little one blooms and flourishes right before our very eyes. It's all happening so fast and we are convinced this little guy is a grown up pretending to be my baby. Very, veeery smart and perceptive. An old soul? Perhaps.

And then something to fill up my string of activities, as if I have all the time in the world to kill -- drum rolls -- I signed up for a triathlon. GASP. Gasp and yay for swim- bike- run! Barely two months to go and I haven't even started biking again. Be scared, momster. Be very scared.

But I got it all together! And I'm going to do it! Even if it means I finish off the swim leg doing backstroke (eek!), last to put back my bike in transition and hop and crawl to the finish line.

Now I gotta go slid back next to my peacefully slumbering baby and enjoy maybe an hour more of tranquility before I try to sleep. I chucked off my initial plans to swim (and then plan B to bike tonight) and might as well make the most out of my down time.

I guess I'm also finally saying hi to and kicking this elephant in the room. I am not letting September go by without doing so. :)

Catch you next time soon, folks!

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