More than Just a Birthday Toast :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Signing in now with an additional year to boot!

Yep, I recently celebrated my birthday, stretched through a three-day staycation weekend (where else but in Solaire again!) with my two boys and with the both sides of my now hyphenated surname. A long weekend of pigging out and superior gastronomic adventures, of lounging around, swimming, strengthening ties, making new memories with our little star, thanksgiving and just letting be. Ang happy lang!

It's been an awesome year, an immnsely blessed one for me and my family. Indeed, other than my aspirations to be a long-distance triathlete and to be an educator-entrepreneur-philanthropist, I got everything I want and need right here with me. I thank the Great Architect up there for all His favors and blessings. Life may not be perfect, but it's kinda charmed, it's fab, and it's oh so full of love!

As one of my favorite songs goes, "We toast to the future and we drink to the past, It might not be easy but these are the best days of my life." Cheers to the fantastic year that was, gratitude for the enormous blessings to me and my family, and a toast to even better things coming up!

Here are snippets of my birthday weekend. :)

Half of my birthday date. Oh baby, why so handsome?
Can we get started with the staycation already?

Home away from home.

Corner room again, yay.
Birthday swim..
..with my two hot dates. :)
Always love sunsets by the pool.
Ohh wagyu, glorious, juicy wagyu!
With la familia.

More than just a birthday toast, indeed!

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