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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Warning: Please read at your own risk. There's an overdose of Mommy pride in here. :)

The Thirdytales! Let me share with you some happy snippets of the momster life starring the cutest, smartest, most talkative, and funniest baby. I used to post them on my private Facebook only, but I guess it's worth sharing them here as well. Let me delight you with wonderful tales of this baby that never ceases to amaze us with how much he knew already for someone so young and tender. :)

But first things first. Thirdy is very advanced in his speech, language, and communication (perhaps, even his EQ). I know parents love to say that, but please do hear out the facts, this little guy really is something else. :)

For a one-year old, he's got over hundreds of words in his vocabulary. For reference, when babies hit their first year, they should know at least 10 words. Thirdy was talking and familiar with no less than 40 words by his first birthday (actually, more. I was starting to list them down before he turned one but I stopped even before his birthday because everyday there's at least one new addition to that list.). By his first birthday, he was already putting together two words to express himself more clearly. Our pediatrician said this usually begins by a year and a half. She recognizes Thirdy's advanced speech and language, and encourages us tremendously.

And oh, I'm talking about words that he not only fully grasps the meaning, but words that he clearly enunciates and articulates. He speaks clearly, he can say full words, he can clearly pronounce the letters r and s. And did I mention he started addressing me (and only me) Momma on his 7th month? I know, geez, even we at home sometimes find it hard to believe.

Now this little guy is talking to us and ordering us around with so many verbs he's already very familiar with (like give, buksan, ipasok, ibalik, takpan, hawakan, labas, ipatong, buhatin, cooking, luto, washing, punas, silip, abangan, bili, etc. etc.) and makes more descriptive 'stories' by using adjectives such as malaki, malayo, dalawa. Yes, he already knows the difference between one and two objects.

It seems like he knows and can clearly pronounce every little thing we have at home, both proper and common nouns. From high chair to 'Vicks' to keys and wallets and IDs and paper and 'Mustela.' Ask him what his meal was and he'll tell you what he ate. He is able to distinguish lugaw vs. bread vs. camote vs. mango vs. banana vs. kiwi vs. dragonfruit, and so on.

At one year old, he is practically telling stories already! I kid you not. He puts together a number of cohesive words, weaves them together, and paints a complete picture of the story he is trying to tell. Complete with who, what, where, how! He knows each and every one's names at home -- the names behin Dad, Momma, Yayay, Ate, Lala, Lolo, and so on. He knows where he lives and where his parents work.

And here's another thing -- he translates certain words from Filipino to English to... hear this out: Bicol! We don't speak to him in Bicol, but he is very perceptive (and receptive) and is such a keen observant that when people around him talk (including talking in the vernacular language), he just quietly takes it all in and understands what they mean. Then he would use those words in the correct context. Yes, even if he has only heard it for the first time. Brilliant, isn't it?

"Momma, picture" said the little guy here, so off I snap away. Then he said "smiiiiile." When he saw that I'm done taking photos, he said: "patingin, Momma." Oh, you one year old, you.

So you see, he is not just madaldal, he really is very smart and intuitive. And he's starting to show a rather pilyo sense of humor. Conversations with him range from the heartwarming to insightful to amusing to funny and to downright hilarious. Makes us wonder if he really is an adult pretending to be a baby.

Often, I am so amazed by his stunning abilities to take it all in, learn, communicate what he knows, and express himself that I feel like crying and jumping in joy and squishing him all at the same time. Oftentimes too, this one-year old's insights make us laugh out hard and loud. His being know-it-all paired with that wide-eyed innocence often induce "aawww I wanna hug you" moments while also cracking us up.

I wish to preserve such fleeting, unfolding stories through blog posts; and on the sidelines, try to sprinkle some Thirdywonder magic dust to you, too.

Aren't you excited for some #Thirdytales coming up? :) I am! I know you are, too! :)

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