Thirdytales: "Gigil!"

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Momma and Thirdy with his Yayay (his nanny), while strolling in our quiet street one evening:

Thirdy: Dog! Dog! Momma, dog! Punta dun!
Momma: Okay baby, punta tayo sa dog.
       [getting closer and closer to the dog, maltese-ish looking]
Thirdy: GIGIL!!! Ihhhh! Gigil!
       [making that gigil face and gesture we are all familiar with]

Oh my goodness! I almost tripped while laughing my heart out!

Later on..

Yayay: Nanggigil ka baby sa dog?
Thirdy: Uh-huh. Cuuuute.

Hah! Can you imagine? A one-year old who knows how to feel gigil AND can express it already. All because he finds a dog cute! He can grasp and express those concepts already! *cartwheels*

Too bad no English word nearly even captures the essence of the word gigil. Here's the closest description I've found so far: Gigil - That shivery, teeth-gritting thrill that accompanies a strong urge to lay your hands on something (while possibly holding yourself back from doing so). It usually happens when you see something super adorable (ex. wanting to pinch a baby's cheek) [truncated here].

To this day, Thirdy still has random gigil moments. He makes gigil face and exclaims "gigil!" Sometimes he refers to the dog, but sometimes he feels gigil for something else, or even for no apparent reason.

This little guy and his gigil moments -- I swear, it's the cutest thing! So cute and ka-gigil himself! :) Squeeee!

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