QQTT Sundate in Tagaytay

Monday, March 23, 2015

Tagaytay weekends are so overrated.

Said no one who wanted a little bit of R&R or food trip while escaping the unforgiving Manila heat.

It's been quite a while since the husband and I drove to Tagaytay to chill, just the two of us. These days, we always travel with and spend our weekends with the little guy. But we figured a little quiet time and away time for half the day (we were only gone for 6 hours, actually) won't hurt, and in fact would be beneficial to all of us, including the little guy. (It was, very.)

Parents, couples, after all, still need time together and time away from everything (yes, tell that to me more often, to me who cannot peel myself away from our little guy and me who often come rushing home feeling guilty after a date night).

Yesterday's road trip slash date with the hubby was a much needed respite. Very refreshing.

Oh, those rolling fog at noon. Thank God there was no horrendous traffic.
We left for brunch, and save for a minor bottleneck caused by a minor truck mishap, had a very smooth drive. While Manila was gloomy yet very humid, Tagaytay was cold (23 degrees versus Manila's 33 degrees), foggy, balmy, soothing. Buckets of rain -- huuuge pellets of them -- started pouring just as we were about to head back home after brunch and after my roadside shopping. Mighty refreshing, all in all.
Always a good place to dine in. :)
For brunch, we picked our usual jaunt - Breakfast at Antonio's. This is one of our top favorites in the city, perhaps second favorite, next to its 'mother resto,' Antonio's. The comfort Western breakfast meals made from fresh ingredients and the cozy interiors are always spot on. Discovered too that their freshly baked breads-to-go, although priced higher, are just divine.
I can sit here, with a good book and a nice cup of coffee, all day. :)
Food is always good here.

We also took our sweet time to stop and smell (and buy!) the flowers. I was looking for some bonsai but went home with a huge chili plant and pots of colorful marigolds instead. I am so enamored with my new flowering plants, which will hopefully thrive in our boring garage like they do in Tagaytay. LOL.
Pit stop.

Stop and smell them flowers.
We also made a pit stop to buy my usual simple "luxuries" -- fresh fruits and lettuce (which were still planted in small improvised pots to prolong their freshness). I usually hoard freshly picked fruits and veggies, especially when they are much cheaper than in the grocery, and this was no exception. Worth mentioning too were the buko pie and blueberry cheese tarts from Rowena's, the icing on the cake that was this lovely Sunday date and road trip.
Mmmm. Greens.
QQTTs, or what we used to call as our "quiet quality time together" are both a luxury and necessity these days. Glad and kilig that the day -- and good ol' Tagaytay -- did not disappoint. :) Happy thoughts to last throughout another week of daily grind, eh. ;)

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