It's not a Dream; It's a Plan

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I recently graduated from a professional course I signed up over two months ago. (Which also explains my inactivity here, hek hek.) We only meet for classes on Saturdays, but the class, and the course as a whole, had all-week-'round kept me ngarag and puyat inspired, ignited, and charged for a busy, brave season in the long horizon. And then, hungry and yearning for more, I took another course/ training after that.

You can say that I love being a student as much as I loved being a teacher. Class, training, hands on workshop -- if I were just this little bit interested with it and when I can feel that the universe is conspiring for me to attend it (I have a lot on my plate, after all), I'd gladly be signing up for it.

More than gaining the technical know-hows from these trainings, I value the network formed and that little something that was sparked within me. On the bigger scheme of things, I have a vision. And through these trainings, plus all the other ingredients I put in to enrich myself, this burning drive within me is awakened. It fuels me to move forward, to realize that vision.

Enough with the cryptic post. Back to regular programming.

But let me leave you with this first ;)

Photo not mine.

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