An Ode to Weekend

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Happy almost-half-of-the-year! :) Wow, just seven months to go and we shall call it another year again!

But, but, but, before we even start with year-ends, how about a nod to our weekends?

Ohh, weekends, glorious, delightful weekends that restoreth our soul. Weekends that allow us to unplug, or reconnect. Weekends that afford us the privelege to slow down and sleep in, or go out and pusue our other passions relentlessly. Weekends that cleanse and revitalize us. Weekends are the world's finest dark chocolate served with the most scrumptious ice cream and the most tender of steaks (mmm, it's that delectable!) And right this very moment, I'm wishing Sundays are waaay longer than all the other days. Say, a 48-hour Sunday. Or a 64-hour Sunday. That would be fantastic, right?! :D

How about you, how would you like your weekends? Would you rather have longer Sundays, or maybe another day in between Saturday and Sunday? :D

Snippets of our weekend, spent just in the metro - at my little guy's favorite staycation destination, Solaire. :)

Weekends are always good. Staycations? Even better!
The little guy's favorite pool.

Hah! I was able to squeeze in some decent swim mileage. I just looove this 72-meter pool. :)

Even this little guy did not want the weekend to end!
But alas, it had to. Le sigh. Back to the daily grind, then!

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