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Sunday, July 27, 2014

(And Not Letting July Go by Without a Note)

Ola! Eck, it's been a month since my last post. Please don't be fooled by the inactivity here, though. My life offline had been far from uneventful while I was on hiatus here.

Our little guy's birthday week had been a very happy-busy week for us. My golly, I had birthday hangover (aka tiredness? someone's getting old, hee haw) days after our little man's party!

And then, the unwanted yet inevitable happened -- I got sick again. For a week! For a friggin' week. It was one for the books, marked by headaches of epic scales plus 40-degrees fever that neither round-the-clock rest nor hydration nor Tylenol tamed. It involved an actual trip to the E.R., plus a few more instances of debating on whether to troop back to the ER or not. For four days in a row, I was having blood samples drawn. Such a bummer, since I freak out at the mere thought of needles. The only good side of it was losing a few pounds in a few days.

The bottomline though, is clear. Getting sick sucks and I gotta be better at taking care of myself. Especially since I am now a mom and a wife, not to mention a 'careerwoman' too.

And speaking of work.. Truth be told, I have allowed the recent stresses of my workplace to get the better of me. I won't expound on that though, as I am having none of it this time. It pays to have a really sensible and mature go-to person in times of haze and murk -- my husband dear. :)

Now I feel my nuts, screws, and bolts are well-oiled again. Tonight, while playing and laughing our heads off and lying in bed with my husband and my little one, I got a very clear reminder that at the end of the day, some things that preoccupy us only matter as much as our doormat to us. Capping off my night was lovely beyond words -- unbearable smarts, endearing innocence, the purest of pure joy, and the most unadulterated laughter from my little one; radiating happiness from the dear hubby. The big things that will always matter a lot more than anything else in this world.

A week full of love and little moments bursting with happiness to us all. :)

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