I Met Him in the OR

Saturday, June 28, 2014

During my emergency CS, my husband was allowed inside the operating room. The actual operation took no more than five minutes, and my husband keenly observed the entire process and peered into my innards, like a medical intern, all the while taking videos and photos. 

Yep, he literally knows me inside and out. I never had the courage to look at the photos and videos he took at the operating room, save for a couple of our first family pictures with Thirdy.

Then, a year later, while working on our AVP for the little guys' first birthday party, I saw this.

Hello Darling, welcome to the 'outside world!'
Taken just a moment after the doctors took him out of Mommy's tummy, while he let out his first cry. Taken just a little bit before I finally met the little guy, which felt like an eternity of anticipation to me then.

I think it's raw and powerful, capable of forming a lump in my throat and evoking what I felt that day I met him.

I think it's beautiful.

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