A Birthday Staycation

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The past two weeks had been a blur of dealing with nanny and helper issues (perhaps a working mom's top concern), spending quality time with the little one while managing my LDR with the husband (aka trying to match his time zone) who was in London for almost two weeks, AND celebrating the husband's big milestone birthday. Hence, the momster's inactivity online.

Let's skip the boring and the stressful part, I want to tell you how we celebrated my husband's BIG three-oh: staycation! And lots of good food and good times with family and friends!

I have a rather itchy feet and adventurous spirit, and used to celebrate birthdays and other milestones by traveling. Truth be told, I have not been quenching my wanderlust thirst lately. Thank God there is staycation on birthdays that fall smack in the middle of the week. Or, what the hey, staycations, we go even if there is no special occasion to clink our glasses to.

We stayed for two nights in the hotel we frequent the most, Solaire Resorts and Casino. Our little one has started checking in and enjoying staycations in Solaire when he was just a wee three-week old infant. Start 'em young, we say. Don't worry, we do steer clear of the gaming areas and go straight to five-star rooms that can give Sofitel, Manila Hotel, and Shangri-La a run for their money, the restos that offer a wide, and I do mean a very wide variety of cuisines. The perfect staycation spot for adventurers who want to just laze around after their gastronomic thrills.

We dipped in the pool, had breakfast by the poolside, lazed around in the comfy king-sized bed, celebrated with our friends and family who came over the hotel for lunch and dinner the following day, enjoyed a quiet date night over steak, oh glorious steak.

Oh, we are definitely coming back soon! Special thanks to my parents in law for always taking care of our bookings. :)

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