My Superwoman Moment on the Treadmill Today

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Today, I am a superwoman. I clocked in my fastest 5 km run post pregnancy and birth, and felt like I still have the energy for another kilometer after that. Woohoo!

How fast is fast, you ask. Well, not too fast, but fast enough to be my fastest as of late. :)

Way before I became the happy momster, my normal 5 km runs were anywhere between 30-34 minutes. What I meant by normal is regular after-work runs around the UP academic oval after parading around in high heels all day and sleeping no more than a meager six hours the night before. Times would vary on factors like the weather, my mood, stress level, on how heavy my merienda was, how competitive or lazy I felt that day. Anyway, come to think of it, I used to run at an average of 6:00 to 6:50 minutes per kilometer pace, or thereabouts.

When I started running again after I gave birth, I could barely complete a kilometer, and with my best shot, I could only muster an excruciatingly slow 15-minute per kilometer pace. Huffing and panting, and scared for my CS incision to burst open. For a frigging kilometer. Hah, you could have walked faster!

But through the months, I soldiered on, albeit not as constantly as I liked to. You know the feeling of pushing a concrete wall, and pushing and pushing and feeling like nothing is happening? For most of the months I got back into running, that's how I felt.

But alas, the wall really do give in after some time. And I am on a high. Seven months ago, I almost believed I will never be able to complete a 5k run again, much less a 40-minute 5km run. Gaaah, that's even slow. It was so out of my reach and it got me frustrated most times. But today, I pushed my limits, and finally, I crushed that wall.

It was a very empowering moment. It left me hungry for my next adventure, aka run. And although a 32-minute 5km run still seems, uhm, mighty challenging, I know that eventually (sooner than later!), I'm at it again. Maybe I won't drop dead on the treadmill or on the road, as I initially feared. Ha-ha.

As I pushed my limits today, higher limits and hurdles were set. I will keep pushing some more and try to do better each time. I am a fit momster! I am a fierce momster! And I'm gonna get there!
*Adrenaline overload*

Oops. I terribly missed this kind of high and positivity brought by my favorite sport. :)

Ta-ta, 'til my next run! *game face*

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