What is Your Gameplan?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Okay, folks, I've kept it under wraps, but time for the big reveal: I'm officially a celebrity and I am hosting a game show soon! OMG I'm so thrilled, I've been absolutely totally dreaming of doing this job! It's not work, it's play people, all play!

Woot, mein a trisuit again!
ERR. BLUFF. I was indeed a sport junkie TV show host, but only in my dreams. *glassy eyed and zoning out again* Okay, back to Earth. I know I can do anything, but what are the chances of me being anything near a sports show host, not even a double or a minor role's sidekick? Hah, I know, I'm also rolling my eyes.

 This high na high post is brought to you by sports plus TV plus adrenaline pumping event last weekend.

Gameplan TV interviewed a few first time triathlete hopefuls for Tri United 4, myself included. They also shoot us while walking on wires and playing with fire while running and biking, both solo and with the group. We were in Nuvali from sun up 'til noon, and although the celeb experience for half the day was rather tiring, it was very inspiring to be up close with the hosts and the other novice triathlete wannabes.

Gameplan TV hosts Ton, Juls, and Amanda with the interviewees.

Those are the three hosts with myself and my teammates Macky and Alvin.
It was good to know I was not alone racing for the first time. But while we may be on the same boat, it's noteworthy to point out that others are just way stronger and faster in that boat. :) So yes, it was quite a pressure-trigger experience too! For one, no excuse now not to show up on the race (haha, just a very hazy and fleeting scenario playing in my head). And two, what is more nakaka-pressure than claiming in front of the camera that you are in it, that you can do it, and that you are going to give it your best shot? :P

Whew, in retrospect, I'm thankful there was none of that fist-pumping adrenaline-crazed moment claiming I will be the best version of me running that race. *tongue in cheek* But whatever, my Gameplan, is to go out there come race day, yes, give it my best shot, dig deep, dig deeper, cry in pain -- and the best part -- enjoy and savor every moment of it! Sounds like a plan! :)

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