Gameplan TV Interview: The First Tri Featuring the Happy Momster :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Finished, or not, pass your papers!!!

Yep, that's exactly how I feel now with just a few days to go before my first triathlon. *hyperventilating* Actually, that gnawing finished-or-not-pass-your-papers feeling started kicking in last week, since, as you may know, we had no Yaya for a week. No last-minute cunchtime training for this Momma, aaww.

Guess I'll just rely on my mileage logged (not much), all heart and guts, and lots of prayers on race day.

For the mean time, let me share with you Gameplan TV's interview with us. Drum rolls please!

Caveat though: I'm in no way near THAT fat in real life. :P I hate you, cameras, you, for adding on a hideous extra xx pounds on me. Mwuhahaha.

On a more serious note, the final cut is quite inspiring, don't you think? Now I'm inspired and pumped AND I totally have no reason not to finish this race after shouting to the world that my gameplan is to go out there and enjoy myself. :)

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