Yaya-less Week? No Problemo!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ola! How was your weekend?

Mine was rather long (three-day weekend for me, woot!), action packed, heartwarming, and much love-filled. :) We are in the middle of  a yaya-less week, something that intimidated me a few weeks ago. I absolutely love taking care of and being with our little darling and I'd pick a sweaty and messy day with him over my own tidy space in the corporate world anytime, but I got worried a bit about the no-yaya part since my triahlon is just a week away (GASP!). I was, uhm, hoping to crunch in some last minute mileage. Panic training? Hee hee.

Well, I did get to squeeze in a couple of swim sessions, a short and sweet bike trainer sesh in the comforts of our bedroom, as well as a nighttime run in our neighborhood. But more than that -- a lot more than that -- I feel much accomplished this weekend as regards my Momma-ing! Yay, a heaping bowl of Thirdy time over the "long weekend!" Hurray!

Little guy, you and Momma are so going to be buddies for life (whether you like it or not when you're all grown up already!) :D

Save for a few hours spent training, we (three) were inseparable for three days. We had a couple of non-negotiable appointments for Thirdy and a few errands and social time with friends and family, and Thirdy was the perfect lakwatsa buddy!

Not without his own demands, though. His terms were: we had to take him to see the fountain (oh fountain, my fountain! he can be bribed with fountains), he had to see some Christmas lights, he had to set foot on the mall, eat bread on the mall, and so on and so forth. Very minor demands next to the sheer joy of his company and we were more than willing to oblige and indulge our little boss. :)

Here are snippets of our fun-filled and busy weekend:  

Friday night out.

Never mind the photobomber. Ain't I looking every inch the tanned, strong triathlete Momma now? :P :P

Agree, baby.
I swear it was a lot more gleeful than those faces. LOL.

So much fun, I'm almost dreading Monday! But then again I needed all the positivity to face yet another busy week. :)

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