My Original Guy, My First Baby

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ninety percent of the time in ninety percent of my posts, I gush how I am head over heels in love and all over my baby boy. Ang cute cute cute naman kasi at suuuper kagigil

Let me dedicate this short post to my other baby, my big one, my original boy, whose birthday we celebrated with dear family and a rather generous sample of our close friends three days ago. :)

I may not often gush about this guy in my posts most of the time, but my heart beats for both Thirdy and my original guy.

He holds my heart and he knows me inside and out. My soul craves for the soulmate I found in him. He is my rock and my motivation. He inspires me to be the best, he propels move to move, move, move forward. My best friend and my protector. My confidante, my go-to person in almost every imaginable concern you can think of (this guy really got the SMARTS, thankyouLord!), my coach not just in sports, but in life. My first and my last, both my journey and my destination. My better half, my partner in every sense of the word.

 Happy birthday, my original baby! :) I love you more than I love all the sweets we can ever buy and eat! :D

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