Warm, Fuzzy Mother's Day Thoughts

Sunday, May 10, 2015

My favorite little person with two of his favorite things -- big fountain and miniature chairs to push and carry around. :) Taken today, Mother's Day :)
Oh little munchkin, as I've already told you (written to you) before, thank you for bringing into life a new me -- that Momma with a fresh take at life; that Momma with a gentle yet bold an fierce spirit; that Momma with an incessantly burning drive to be the best version of herself, to be the best mom for you, and to give you the best; that Momma with overflowing, limitless love for you. You are a piece of Momma's heart breathing and living outside her body, and you are Momma's calling.

Shout out too to my mom, the woman who selflessly raised me and nurtured me well, thereby equipping me early on with the building blocks of what it takes to be a real mom. :)

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