Little Explorer and the Fascinating Floor

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

What is it with babies (and toddlers!) and off-limit places? They seem to be inexplicably and hypnotically drawn to off-limit zones, whether declared or not. The kitchen counter, the area beyond his play mat, the stairs, behind the door, the door itself, the ever captivating cords, plugs and outlets.

My little explorer has developed a fixation for the fascinating floor. And everytime he gleefully crawls to the floor, we would carry him back to his mat. He would wriggle and wrestle and crawl back to the floor. We would pick him up back to his mat, and the cycle goes on. Until someone gives up. Yes folks, us adults are usually the ones that give up.
I said I'll only let him play on the floor if it is clean enough for me to eat my meals off it, sans a plate. *tongue in cheek* Although our nanny or helper or somebody else at home mops and polishes our floor several times a day, I'm still worried about the germs he'll ingest and I'm too wary he'd bump and fall and hurt himself.

But if your little explorer is this happy..

How can somebody say no to THAT face? That is pure, infectious joy!

Oh well. I guess the love affair with the fascinating floor continues for some time.

Soon, he'll be venturing the outdoors and exploring much wilder stuff than the seemingly harmless floors. And I better brace myself for that. Because happy kids are not only free to explore, they do get real dirty now and then. :)

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