Bronzed, and Just Barely Started

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I didn't realize I have gotten too tanned until a gorgeous missy at an event I recently went to exclaimed I have a "very nice tan" and that she is "super envious" of my "bronzed look". People in my workplace have also started to notice. And speak up.

You see, from getting back my fair, creamy complexion after almost two years of not seeing the sun, I've started going out of my shell doing outdoor sports again. Three years and ten pounds ago, I was indeed tan, courtesy of constantly running under the beating sun. Now I'm back into running again, and it remains my favorite sport, but I'm only able to manage short indoor runs for now.

And then come weekends. Oh, weekends! On Saturdays, I devote an hour or so to learn and re-learn freestyle swimming (THE total immersion way, I must say). Just an hour and a half, tops, each week in the outdoor pool and I've roasted myself into a golden brown crunchiness (mmm, cue in image of a litson). While I always make sure I wear a lot of sunblock -- and you should too -- I do not mind getting my old outdoorsy and sporty color back. Not a bit.

Those one to one-and-a-half hour in the pool give me a different kind of high. It leaves me challenged and hungry, and a bit closer to my dream of being a tri mommy. You know, those strong, determined, ultra fit, gorgeous, uber cool supermommas who swim, bike, and run in spite of running a household, keeping the husband happy, and raising awesome kids. The plan is to be one of those. *wink*

Someday soon, momma. :)

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