Ola! Back from Alley Number Sick

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the inactivity here. The momster got ill for almost a week. It was terrible. I fell sick in the middle of a holiday with my family, and hence didn't get to milk our two-night staycation in Solaire (yes we were back in Solaire again last weekend!) for all it's worth. Then I had to miss work for a few days and didn't feel like my old 100% efficient self back when I returned. Truth be told, I'm only starting to feel my old hundred per cent back today.

The only consolation was, even though the nasty bug roamed about at home and infected three hapless souls, Thirdy didn't have any of it. He is healthy as a mule, and everyday, I am very grateful for his very consistent good health. Hooray to breastfeeding and hooray to my exclusively breastfed baby for almost a year now! :)

Which brings me to my next point. Our sweet and handsome little man is turning one IN A FEW DAYS! Gasp! One in a few days? Where did time go? It only seems yesterday when we brought him home from the hospital, tiny toes and fingers, soft and reddish and wrinkly and oh so yummy smelling bundle of newborn. And now he is almost a toddler. Waaah he's growing up so fast!

So there you go. I've got quite a lot on my plate now as my little one's big day (make it dayS - his party is on a Saturday, two days after his birthday) fast approaches.

I will surely update you how the party goes. Great, we all imagine how it would turn. Oh, shivers and tingles, we are all giddy excited! Ciao for now! :)

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